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There are many wonderful career opportunities available within the beauty industry. Beside hair and working in a salon, this industry offers opportunities in areas such as make-up and hair styling for film and TV, platform artistry, product education, salon management and being an instructor.

The Total Image Beauty Academy program includes employment skills, training and counseling. Students learn how to prepare for a job and where to look for gainful employment in their chosen fields. Total Image Beauty Academy maintains a book of current job openings that are available exclusively to our students, graduates and alumni. Although the school cannot guarantee placement, all reasonable efforts will be made. We maintain an aggressive job placement program with local salons and inviting salon owners and guest artists to speak and give seminars.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides complete facts for all careers and explains what you may be expected to perform for a specific job or occupation. All occupations are categorized into groups and assigned a Standard Occupation Code (SOC) for each profession. To view a specific occupation visit and provide the SOC code for the program. (Cosmetology: 39-5012, Esthetics: 39-5094, Teacher/Instructor: 25-1194, Barber: 39-5011, Manicure: 39-5092.00)


Students are provided with academic advising and additional assistance as necessary. If referral to professional assistance is necessary, the school maintains a record of such referral. Total Image Beauty Academy also gives advice and information on:

  • Regulations governing licensure to practice, including reciprocity among jurisdictions
  • Employment opportunities
  • Opportunities for continued education following graduation

Graduation Requirements In Courses

  • Receive the required number of clock hours of training.
  • Complete and receive passing grades on all practical graduation requirements and projects, including mock practical and theoretical state board examinations and have a minimum of 75% average on Academic SAPs.
  • For a student to meet requirements, all practical worksheets must be completed 100%.
  • Have completed Exit Interview and received the Student Release Form.
  • Pay all tuition costs or make satisfactory arrangements for payment of all debts owed to the school.
  • Upon graduation the student will receive a certificate of completion/diploma.
  • Total Image Beauty Academy can retain the student until all graduation requirements are met.
  • A student who withdraws will receive a certified transcript, which will include the number of hours attended as well as their grades. Transcripts will be issued upon satisfaction of all monies and exams owed. For purposes of transfer, the school will not release hours until all monies owed to the institution have been paid and all academic requirements pertaining to those hours have been completed.

***Cosmetology and Manicure classes are available in English and Spanish***

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